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Are you trying to rent or sell your property and nobody seems interested? Or are you a developer who needs a show home?

With so many properties on the market, selling or renting your home can be very difficult so you need to make the most of opportunities available to you.

What is home presentation?

It is presenting your property for sale or rent to get the best possible price. It seems odd to spend money on a property you are leaving, however, a small investment in improvements will make your property more attractive for those who want to buy or rent. Research has shown that property that is staged will sell or rent 82% faster than a property that is not staged. Why do developers set up ‘show homes’? The answer is clear. They show a lifestyle.

Why do I need to present my home differently?

Because it is your home. You need to sell your property to the buyer and detach yourself, as when it is sold or let, it will not be your home anymore. Therefore you need to sell them a dream and present your home in such as way that they will immediately see themselves living there. Opinions vary as to how long potential buyers make up their minds about your property ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes. One thing is certain, unless you present your home to its best advantage; you are not making your sale easy.

How can LNA Interiors help?

It is not easy to be fully objective about a home you have lived in and loved. We will visit your property and make written suggestions, in a friendly-to-read document, on how to show the full potential of your property to prospective buyers or renters. Your home is your personal space and we will respect that, however, we will ensure that your property stands out from the others by enhancing its positive features and minimising negative ones.

Is it worth contacting LNA Interiors?

Yes it is. Research shows that in these difficult economic times, professionally presented properties sell faster and can command up to 15% more on the asking prices for sale or rent. Spending money on your property at this time is an investment. We will carry out an in-depth study of your home, its location and local community and make recommendations to enhance your property to increase its marketability. We do this by focusing on the property’s positive features and creating an inviting, harmonious environment which enables the widest possible target audience to visualise themselves in ‘their new home’.

If your property is empty or you are a property developer we can even set up a show home by supplying furniture and after the sale, remove it.

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